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A link to slideshow pictures of this years Reed family Picnic (Works but it is incomplete and under construction)

A link to slideshow pictures of Sarah's first year

A link to slideshow pictures of Layla growing up

Fatma, Manekse, & Tyler in Turkey


Fatma in our garden (Sep 98)

Sister Suzy with her family

Our entire family (mostly my side)

My Sister Terri's daughter Shannon

My Sister Terri's daughter Ashley

My Daughter Alex

My Son and Daughter: Alex and Tyler

My Son Tyler

My Sister Terri

My Wedding in Turkey with the neighbors

Wedding picture with Ahmet

Don and Tasha

Fatma, her sister, and Aunt at Muberra's wedding

Fatma and her Mother Hanim making bread (1995)

Fatma's brother Kazim in Turkish military

Fatma and her sister Tugba

Lutfu and Muberra's engagement picture

My Grandpa and Grandma, Joe and Helen

My daughters Amanda and Candice

My Daughter Candice

My Daughter Amanda

Family Reunion at Ted's

Family Reunion at Ted's, Take Two

Stacey, Mandy, and Candy when they were young

Canadian Geese Feeding

An Oklahoma ScissorTailed Fly Catcher sitting on a Limb

Fatma with half of our 1999 Garlic crop (too much I might add) and half way through the pregnancy

Garden July 7, 1999

Sister Terri and our good friend Karmon

Sister Suzy's kids Ryan and Erika

Mom, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Ruth, and Aunt Ethel

Fatma and Layla resting

Me holding Layla
Layla sound a sleep

Layla eating fatma's chin

Fatma and Layla

Suzy, Jason, and Ryan being punished!

Grandma Helen with Terri and girls

Grandpa Joe with Terri and kids

Layla Smiling!

Layla on her belly

Layla being held up

Me feeding Layla a bottle

Layla looking cute in the chair

Layla in her swing

Layla on her back

Layla on her belly again

Mandy and Candy in Tennessee

Fatma and Layla, Layla's 3 months old

Layla at 3 months

Me and Layla, Layla's just a little past 3 months old

Layla finally found her thumb!

Fatma in the garden in June 99

Fatma with a nice mess of veggies, Aug 99

Layla with her favorite babydoll

Layla eating solid food (4 Months)

Layla drinking from a cup (4 months)

Layla with babydoll (5 months)

Layla again (5 months)

Layla with a "Cute" smile!(5 months)

Fatma & Layla in the Tulips

Fatma & Layla in the tulips again

Layla with toys at 5 months

Layla sitting up on the couch

Layla's new sleeping style!

Layla's friend Aspen

Layla in a dress

Our house April 1, 2000

Layla April 8th

Buzz and Terri in Pa.

Dad with Alex,Tyler,Ryan,and Erika

Ryan at the CrackerBarrell in Va.

Erika at the CrackerBarrell in Va.

Childhood home 7944 Ryder Lane

Steve, Tammy, and Justin

Fatma with Layla,Ryan,and Erika at Mom's

Alex,Tyler,Layla,Ryan,and Erika

Tyler looking tough?

Alex and Ashley in Pa.

Ted and Ruth

Mandy,Candy,Alex,and Layla at Mom's

Layla bathing in Mom's sink

Howard and Aunt Evlyn

Childhood apartment in Hershey

Grandpa with Layla

Erika showing off at Mom's

Our friends, Paul and Emine

Alex,Tyler,and Ryan with Llamas at Ted's

Candy at Mom's in March 2000

Mandy at Mom's March 2000

Tyler and Layla in Oklahoma

Alex and Layla in Oklahoma

Fatma with Layla at 6 1/2 months old

Alex, Tyler, and Layla in Oklahoma

Layla finally gets a High Chair

Don's Martins and Gourds

Mom,Don,Fatma,Ryan,Erika,and Layla in Tn

Dad, Terri, and Suzy in Palmyra

Alex,Tyler,Ryan, and Erika at Grandma Helen's

Layla the 6 month old "Rockstar"

Fatma with our friend Emine in Palmyra

Layla is able to sit up!

Tyler showing his baseball arm

Alex batting and Tyler catching

Me and Tyler

Me with Alex and Tyler

Alex and Layla in the garden on Memorial Day 2000

Me, Terri, and Suzy in May 1998

Mom looking sharp!

Tyler with Aspen

Layla showing her first 2 teeth

Layla in front of the garden at 8 months old

Alex and Tyler at there Grandmother Sandra's

Alex and Tyler posed in Turkey

Candy's newborn son Tre Allan Thompson, Yes I'm a grandpa! Who'd believe it?

Layla (9 months old) kissing Fatma!

Manekse and Hayat by the Seyhan River

Manekse with Alex, Tyler, and Rosa

Layla brushing her teeth at 10 months old

"Layla Stew" in the big pot!

Fatma and Layla planting flowers

Layla being goofy (Sep 00)

Layla standing with some Greater Canadian Geese

Allen and Candice at their wedding

My Grandson Tre

Layla receiving her birthday presents

Layla standing in the livingroom

Candice and the ringbearer at her wedding

Alex, Tyler, and Layla in the Yard

Layla standing in the yard (Oct 00)

Don and Mom with an F-16 in Oklahoma

Layla's birthday cake

Terri and Shannon with Ranger!(a Dog)

Shannon with (you guessed it) Ranger

No, Ashley can't be left out and neither can Ranger

Fatma and Layla (Layla has shoes!)

Fatma and Layla in front of the Christmas Tree

Layla with some of her Christmas gifts

Layla sleeping in her swing (she doesn't fit in anymore really)

More Oklahoma snow in the winter of 2000

Grandson at 6 months old!

Layla with her hair in ponies (yes, it's still short?)

Layla and Aspen sharing some fried Beaver lake Crappie!

Layla in her Easter dress

Mandy and Tyler at Mom's

Candice and Alex at mom's

Aunt Layla with her Nephew Tre

Me with my 5 kids and grandson - Who would have thought it?

Grandma, Dad, Me, and Layla (4 Generations)

Alex and Tyler with head gear

Alex and her friend Tiffany

Alex, Layla, and Aspen

Layla with a hat?

Fatma at work (Better her than me!)

Layla and her sister Sarah

Layla pushing her sister in her stroller

Layla and Sarah in Layla's bed

Layla and Sarah in the big chair again

Our friends Paul and Emine's Daughter Rana

Sarah is now over 2 months old!

Yildiz with Serifa's daughter Rosa in Adana, Turkey

Layla pushing Sarah in her stroller on Jan 27, 2002

Sarah in a chair Jan 29, 2002

I finally have a diploma!!

Sarah on the floor, yes she is lazy!

Fatma and Sarah on the computer

Sarah Laughing (She's 4 months old)

Sarah Sleeps just like Layla (look at the next picture)

Layla Sleeps just like Sarah (look at the previous picture)

Sarah is getting a little more stable on her belly

Sarah on her belly again

Layla on the porch!

Shannon with Sarah at the Willis home in Virginia

Don with Layla on the bench under the tree in Tennessee

Shannon with Layla in Virginia

Fatma, Terri, kids (no Ashley) and Ranger

Me with all my kids and grandkids at Mom and Don's

Mom and Don with Fatma and their 6 grandkids and 2 great grandkids

Me getting ready to whip Ranger!

Amanda and her baby Preston Lee

Sarah and Rana in Pennsylvania

Suzy with Ryan, Erika, Layla, and Sarah at Grandma's in Pa

Mom with Layla and Sarah - A great picture!

Tre with Sarah

Sarah at Mom's kitchen table

Layla, Tre, and Sarah

Me with Alex, Tyler, and Layla - They all 3 have new bikes!

Fatma, Alex, Tyler, Layla, and Sarah on the porch

Layla and Aspen with Pony tails Alex made

Alex, Tyler, and Ashley with a pony tail Alex made her

Our friend Hayat from Adana, Turkey

Our friend Manekse's college (Konya) graduation picture

Ashley Todd's 2002 school picture

This years (2002) garden

Sarah working on a big apple

Sarah standing!

Layla and Sarah September 2002

Layla and Aspen dressed for the TN VOLS

Fatma, Layla and Sarah Halloween 2002

Layla Looking Pretty (3 years old)

Sarah In a Dress

Fatma with Layla and her Christmas present car

Sarah standing in the Yard

Layla Dressed for Fatma's work party

Sarah not wanting to shovel snow?

Layla doing snow shovel work

Fatma with her pestal

Layla with her sketch toy

Sarah with her sketch toy

Our new house in Nebraska

Alex in the living room

Fatma, Alex, Tyler, and Layla working on the retaining wall

Readiness and Passenger Terminal Crew

Layla and Sarah with some Christmas grub

Layla with her favorite crown

Fatma shoveling snow

Fatma and the girls as the snow gets deeper

The house after 3 good snows in 2 weeks

Me Layla and Sarah

Layla and Sarah in March dresses

Layla and Sarah (Layla has her cast)

Layla and Sarah in their 04 Easter dresses

Layla and Sarah in matching short outfits

Fatma's Sister Tugba at 14

Portion of the new fence and garden May 04

Layla, Sarah, and Tasha

Fatma resting with her dog

Our new Titan truck with the Advance cover I put on it this weekend

Layla was awarded "Good Citizen" of the month at school!

Mandy, Candy, Tre, and Preston

Sarah with Tasha Dressed up

Me, Fatma, Don, Mom, Candy, and the girls at lunch in Rockwood

Mom, Layla, and Sarah ready for Church

Don, Layla, and Sarah

Layla, Sarah in the back in July 2005

Layla and Sarah's 2005 Birthday Party

Layla and Sarah's 2005 Birthday Party

Layla and Sarah's 2005 Birthday Party Again

Layla's School Halloween Party with Sarah

Layla's School Halloween Party with Sarah again

Sarah at Layla's School Halloween Party

Layla and Sarah at their Swimming Lessons

Fatma's New 2005 Chevy Malibu!

Fatma's New 2005 Chevy Malibu again!

Fatma and the girls built a March snowman

Ryan, Erika, Layla, and Sarah pose on the love seat

Layla and Sarah on Easter 2006

Layla and Sarah on Layla's first day of school

Layla at her 2nd grade classroom desk

Fatma, Tanya, and the girls at the Zoo

Girls at the Zoo

Girls at the Zoo

Layla at the Zoo

Sarah at the Zoo

Tanya at the Zoo

Me at the Zoo

Fatma, Layla, and Sarah with the Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

Fatma with Layla and she caught a bluegill

Fatma with Sarah and she caught a bluegill

Hanim and Tugba

Kazim and his wife Aylin

Kardir and his wife Emine and son Ali

Me, Fatma, Candy and kids at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Candy, Layla, and Sarah at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Me, Fatma, Candy and kids at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Me and Candy at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Me, Fatma, Mandy and kids at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Fatma, Candy and Sarah at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Ruth, Mom, Candy and Tasha at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Don, Layla, and Sarah at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Me, Preston, Sarah, and Isaiah at Mom's house for Thanksgiving

Me, Wesley, and Sean at Wayne and Elizabeth's house for Thanksgiving

Mom, Fatma, Layla and Sarah ready for Church

Layla at Soccer

Sarah at Soccer

Sarah with her friends at School Feb 08

Sarah at School Feb 08

Fatma and the girls with her 2007 Ford Five Hundred

Fatma's 2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

Fatma's 2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL again

The Ford Five Hundred and Titan get a wax job

Fatma, Layla, and Sarah in Tennessee (Thanksgiving 08)

Me, Fatma, Layla, and Sarah in Tennessee (Thanksgiving 08)

Mike and Mandy at Mom's house in Tennessee (Thanksgiving 08 trip)

Allen, Candi, and Tre at Wesley/Steff's house (Thanksgiving 08)

Fatma, Candi, and Bud (Thanksgiving 08)

Don, Mom, Me, Fatma, Allen, Candi, Layla, Sarah, and Tre (Thanksgiving 08)

Me, Fatma, Allen, Candi, Layla, Sarah, and Tre (Thanksgiving 08)

Layla and Sarah in Alabama Hoodies (snow)

Alex looking stunningly beautiful in her prom date dress

Tyler does Drama!!

Sarah in her soccer uniform - May 2010

Link to new house pictures

My FIVE daughters Dec 2010 in Tennessee!

Layla, Tre, and Sarah with a Gorilla at the Zoo

Me, Fatma, Candi, Layla, Tre, and Sarah at the Zoo

A Link to E*TRADE (The place to Trade!)